Friday, August 22, 2008

Road ridin' continued...

By being little boys, touching everything and making comments about stuff, they finally got us out of this store, but not before we look on both floors ....

By this time of day it was HOT, we lotion- ed up and climbed on the bikes. Heading out of town our next stop would be in Medina Texas. But the road to take was a doozie for bikes, sports cars and anything that is fast...meaning, lots of curves, twists, hills and turns.

I had started to worry, for last time on this road, I did not do well. I didn't crash or anything like that. I just didn't handle things as I thought I should have..I have a rule, don't touch the white lines or yellow lines. Some days I don't do it at all and other days, I will kiss on of them with the tire..Last time on this road, I rode OVER the yellow...not a good thing..the only thing that save me, is that there was NO traffic at that time. I'd been dead if there that is why I was making my self silly over it.

You know what I did? I prayed..yes, I pray often on my bike. Not just for me or our safety..but for others too..for there is alot of 'head time' on a motorcycle. So, after saying my prayers, my head calmed down and I felt alot calmer. We came upon the switchbacks. And I did them with easy! Pheew.. There is a little place hub likes to stop at and enjoy the view. So we did just that..

We pulled up in Medina at the Apple store, I don't know what the real name of it is..but they have the BEST apple pies! Huge and good and sell them by the slice..After we had our desserts we jumped back on the bikes and headed to Camp Wood. Our home base for the next few days. This is hilly rough country..the roads are great for bikes. But then we came upon some road work...deep loose dirt/gravel...more than once I felt my front tire grab the wrong way. We had about 5 miles of it into Leaky(Lake-y) Texas. Never was I so ready to hit that hard asphalt!

We road a 'sister' road on into Camp Wood and made it there about 6pm Thursday night. A shower was most welcome and dinner was had shortly after. We set outside and watched the stars and talked until we parted for our rooms.
(Sister roads: 335,336,337 are twisty FM roads that they call the "twisted sisters" bikers love these roads!)
Next chapter: Kangaroos, massages and such-oh my!


Cristine's Story said...

I'll say it again, "amazing!"

Cindy said...

ohmygosh...I know THAT road! And the Medina Apple store too! : D
Yep...dang good pies! Gosh...makes me want to go up there.
Glad you had a safe trip and a nice time.

What shop was that? Looked cute!!!


Paula Clare said...

WOOHOO! What a ride, honey! The photos are (mostly)great! I am so terribly jealous of all your "wide open spaces"! The picture of the lake is beautiful...

Excited about the Paper Cowgirl Retreat...counting down the days!

Anonymous said...

I am enjoying your travel escapades. This entry in particular is nice...I love the photo from your scenic pit stop. I also loved what you said about your "head time" and using it to pray. What an adventure you must be having...I am envious!