Monday, August 25, 2008

Kangaroos, Water and Harleys

On Friday we headed out for the day. But first we had to have our breakfast at BJ's, she has been voted best breakfast for several years by the "Ride Texas" magazine, that is read by motorcyclers all over the state.

Down one of the 'sister' roads, there is an exotic game ranch. They have Kangas, Giraffes, Zebras, and such..I always want to stop, but we usually just zoom by. Little did I know that hub had plans for a laid back day...yea!

A bit later down the road, there is a low water crossing we always stop at for a bit..This time we shed our boots and put our tootsies in that chilly water, it was wonderful..then we all went over to the tin horns and put them in the running water for a massage...again, we just set there and didn't feel like leaving, so we stayed! We stayed there at least 45 minutes, it was great, no hurry, no worry..All we had planned was going to Junction for lunch.

Guess the feet~

Another spot I've wanted to stop and get a picture of my bike! This is a tiny place between Junction and no where..
We talked to the lady inside, she had been there since 1963!

We ate lunch at Cooper's in Junction and wondered the tiny downtown. Then headed up to Lover's Leap to look over the town. It was burning hot, Sue and I decided we didn't want to go to the Fort that hub had planned. So we chose to voice our opinions at this time...we all decided to head back to Camp Wood and go swimming! So we did..swimming in the river was great...It was a nice day and we did abit of riding, but most of all we were not feeling rushed to make X number of miles or see X number of things..that was a nice change..

Tomorrow: Meeting New people..

Paper Cowgirl is coming along, we are going to get the info packets made this week. We posted some new stuff over there..and I added a photo of the Charm we are making in my class info post! Go Check it Out!!

I worked on some swap stuff yesterday. It was a good most of it finished and now to pop it all in the mail for my partners.

Happy Monday to you!



Cristine's Story said...

Sounds oh so relaxing!

Heartinmyhand said...

That water looks refreshing. Hope those hairy legs aren't yours:)

Unknown said...

It looks like a wonderful RIDE! I love Harleys! great photos too!

Come by and see the last installment of my mystery trip!

Cindy said...

Looks like an idlylic spot...and sounds like it was all wonderful. I always like when we can "meander" and not rush too!

see ya Thursday! : D !!!!!!!!!