Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Saturday's Adventure

Saturday was cloudy when we walked out of our rooms. It was a nice change from the furnace of the sun the last few days..after breakfast at BJ's we headed out.

We were on a mission, sort of..I'm thankful that Leonard and Sue are good sports and allowed me to have this time! Hub knows my ways, may not always "get" me..but he humors me..
Today's mission was to go to Center Point Texas to meet up with a blogging friend! After riding some good roads we stopped for me to call and 'warn' her of our arrival.

We found the white fence and the pink bicycles..that caught Sue's attention, pink bicycles..she's an artist too, so she undersands our muses..After making our rumbling way up her driveway we found Jan and Frank in front of the garage watching us arrive..

Jan and I have been emailing for awhile now..and she's a teacher at Paper Cowgirl. So, it was fate~ we had to meet sooner or later..and since I was in the area..we made it sooner

She couldn't believe I rode my own. I thought she read my blog..guess not... They welcomed us to their home with true Texas hospitality! Frank is a life long Texan and Jan got here as soon as she could, so we'll forgive her for not understanding my Texas speak sometimes...

We were shown around the studio and their wonderful house. The guys set around the table and talked guy stuff while we did our girl thing...Let me tell you if you ever get the chance to meet this fireball of a woman, you need to take it..and be ready for a full ride~

We all went to Camp Verde for lunch at Jan's suggestion (instance) and have the best sandwich we'd ate this whole trip..As we set there, the rain started..and finished for that moment..We had to get going and parted way too soon, for we were not done talking...so we'll have to pick up where we left off next month at the retreat~

We then traded Moo cards and we were off..Frank suggested a road near that we needed to ride down...

These fellows were along the way:

We stopped to admire their wonderful horns for there were 3 more longhorns and a couple of odd fellows like the one behind...

Bandera was the next stop. Not that far down the road. We made it there..the boys let us shop...and then a big storm was blowing in. We rounded up and headed out. Hoping to miss the storm, but it caught up with us down the road. We had to climb into our rain gear, as we just zipped up the last zipper it hit us..Large- hard- cold -drops... let me tell you, at 50 miles an hour, those things feel like rocks hitting any bare spots you have showing~ We made our way back to Camp Wood. As we pulled in, the bottom fell out. Off and on all night it stormed and Sunday we woke up to it pouring off the roof...We suited up again and after breakfast at BJ's before we headed to Llano our split off place..

We left Leonard and Sue at Llano, rain suits shed and sun shining on our faces. Hub and I enjoyed the dry and made tracks for home. About 2 hours later, we were donning on the rain gear again..and rode in off and on rain until we were about 45 minutes away from home. By the time we made it home, we were dried out from the rain and ready to be home.

So, that was our road trip! Hope you enjoyed it! We did...we are taking another one next month~

later, t


Cristine's Story said...

What a trip that was girl! I hope you take us on more of them because, trust me, I would never ride a motorcycle. Especially since I can now do it vicariously through you!

Cindy said...

Makes me homesick for the Hill Country! And don't you and Jan look cute? Can't wait to finally meet you both! Feel like I've known you for ages! : D


Jan Thomason said...

now, tina, you didn't tell me that your camera added 200 pounds....hahaha
gosh, that was fun to read. felt like you were here all over again. oh, how i wish you were! didn't we just have the best time?
and i do to read your blog - you KNOW i don't remember well.

must get back to work ..... working on the retreat! woohoo!!!! all we need now is cindy!!

xoxo, jan

cute bumper sticker - i wonder how many people will email me asking if they can have one? LOL