Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What's up in your world?

This was the sunset last night! Untouch with any program..this is just what I saw...
There was a huge storm coming thru and everything just glowed yellow as the clouds moved in, thunder/lightening/wind..but no rain for us out here on Ranch Road...
Thanks Melissa for my Cowgirl swap:

Here what's in the works right now:

Had a idea last night before bedtime and worked on these dominoes last night for about 30 mintues.... and added to those little cheap-o canvases too. More of those later.

Baked some creamcheese brownies last night~yummy..I have not baked in awhile..the shop shack smelled heavenly as they baked..what's better than Chocolate??

Thanks Paula Clare for purchasing 2 of my Cowgirl works!! Makes my heart sing for someone to like my work that much~~~

Have a Superlish day~



lms said...

tina....i love keeping up with you in your world....your art keeps getting better and better if that is at all possible....you really are one talented artist....and your idea's are unique and all you....i am up to my eyeballs with babysitting the grands....i need a break real soon....lin

Unknown said...

Tina, playing on your Cowgirl Swap was fun, fun, fun.Thanks alot!

I love your dominoes too!How I can find you on Etsy Shop,why you don't have it on your blog?

Let's Swap more, I like Sharon Napkins Swap.


Anonymous said...

Better than chocolate...not much..but your dominos look really cool! I like them a lot!

Heartinmyhand said...

Tina, fun stuff for your cowgirl swap. I love those dominoes. I need to give them a try.

Sherry said...

I finally have your stuff done and ready to go, just got to get to the post office. You should have them next week. Sorry for being late and I hope you like what I made for you!!

Have a wonderful day!!