Thursday, June 19, 2008

Bits and pieces

Remember those cheep-o canvases?

Do they look cheap now?

And this is what's next, but not finished:


Then I finished up a couple of the dominoes:

Altered Domino

One is going to take a trip...Altered gift Can you guess where, the clue is on there...

Here is one last Cowgirl:

She's Last

She's on to something else, but I still like that long skinny shape, so I'll be on another subject but same shape~ stay tuned..

I'm about to partake on an adventure this weekend. Roadtrip ALONE~ so stay tuned for the postings and hopefully photos...

have a fanTABulous Thursday~



Sherri said...

what beautiful them all! and the work on the domino is awesome.

Cindy said...

Love the canvases! They turned out so cute. Road trip alone? Be safe.


Jan Thomason said...

i LOVE the H O M E you did on those "cheap" canvas' - wonderful!!! Simply wonderful.

I wonder if you're on the road yet.
I spent the day and actually most of the last two days working on getting things put in my etsy store. finished tonight.

miss you, jan

Anonymous said...

IT IS IN SCOTLAND....AND IS MINE....YIPPPEEEE!!! I was too busy drooling over it and didn't read the clue. What a suprise!!!!! I will wear it with the love that was made in it!!! Thank you Tina....I absolutely love it...I go on and drool over that one...never ever thinking that it was mine. Talk about blown away!!!! xxxxxxxxxRobby