Thursday, July 30, 2009

Where did the week go?

Here's my end of the Charm Swap ready to mail out..just a trip to the Postie~

Even have a Buckaroo charm in there too for a FB friend..It's on the way too~~

This is what was finished up on the work table:

These and several more..the "family" and "Chums" images were from Lisa's Altered Art on Etsy, she has some great images...check her out if you are in the market for some cute ones~These are inchie sized and made perfect little tiny charms..or you could put them on a scrabble tile if you didn't want to do glass and solder..**idea**
Thursday's are just Friday Eve..remember that today~


Jamie said...

Lovely charms sweetie! I really like the "On the Worktable" art pieces also. Awesome! I signed up for the Fall today. I can't wait!!!!! Love, Jamie

WingingIt said...

loving the charms...wish you were closer so that i could come to a workshop...ever think about having a workshop in california? i could set you up!!

Diane said...

You KNOW I am loving those longhorns!!

Cindy said...

cute, cute!