Friday, July 31, 2009

Mail Gifties

One of my bestest art buddies/ex-neighbor, YT sent me this!!!

She's been making dominoes like crazy lately and picking my brain via e-mails on what and why to do's... I think she's doing quite nicely don't you??

Then My SLACKERs in my Soldered House Swap FINALLY got their act together:
After, I soldered ALL their houses..for various reasons they couldn't bring
themselves to finish~
These Slackers, whom I love, shall remain nameless..but if you were in the swap~ you know who they are...btw, the mail out for that was MARCH 31st...

Now my Soldered House banner is complete...I'm in search of a place to photograph hang tight, it will appear one day here for you to see the finished project~
Have a great weekend!!!
Lator Gator~


WingingIt said...

love it love it love it....thanks for sharing!!! you are up early...or is it late?

Cindy said...

do you like Hungry? Don't you think he probably talks like Cookie Monster? LOL.


suesueb said...

so cool-can't wait to see the finished banner!