Monday, July 27, 2009

Weekend full of Solder!

I loaded up the "superhero" (Dodge Avenger) and headed to Waxahachie. Friday 2 classes were scheduled at the Crafty Scrapper, for basic Soldering and Saturday was the Bracelet class.

I met some wonderfully talented gals in the basic class, we learned, we soldered and we had fun. All went well, no major burns (that is always a plus) and the went away knowing they could do this at home and at least ONE charm to wear. That's what makes it great! Thank you all for coming to class, it was great fun meeting you!

On Saturday we made this:

What's great about this class was, to see what the gals did to it to make it their own... amazing!

I had supplied all the glass and glitter,and bracelets, then some brought their own images to fill the charms with. Some made themes, some made it more personal...I love it~ That is my favorite thing, when students take what I throw out there and put their own spin on it!

We sharpened our skills from basic to advanced and did, what I call: Oddball marbles and shapes and strange things to add solder to..

All did very well, we did have one crispy bingo chip, but that was it..

Everyone had the makings of a bracelet when they left.
I had about half the class completely finish.

For all we did in 5 hours plus a lunch break, I think that was good~ The gals were happy and I think they had a good time.
I have another bracelet class scheduled in September for those who missed out on this one. Thank you all for joining me for a fun time!
I had taken more photos, but I seemed to had a bad day of shooting..alot of them were blurry~
Cindy and I have the Fall Paper Cowgirl Retreat ready, so if you want to mosey over to the blog: Paper Cowgirl to see what's up and what time, we'd love to have you there.
I have on the work table, charms for a swap I started before vacation. Some of the gals have theirs mailed already..I can't wait to see what all they have come up with. The only rules were it had to be soldered somewhere and fit on a bracelet. So we could end up with all kinds of trinkets, that's what's going to be fun. I'll keep you posted on what becomes of it.
Hope your Monday is happy and healthy!

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Cindy said...

really cute....looks like everyone did a great job. I know I heard some great feedback! :D

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