Tuesday, July 28, 2009

On the work table

Here's what's on my work table: These are TINY~ One inch by One and a half inch..
Each one cut and embellished separately. They are for a soldered charm swap..The background for each is a page torn from a time book that is over 70 years old. A bit of egg display image was used in each background and each one has some type of swirl on it..and each has the initial of the recipients on it.

This is only ONE side of the charm..the other will be one of my photographs... So, if your in the swap, here it's a sneaky peak..If not..I may have some similar on my Etsy soon. That is much neglected at them moment~
We woke up to fog here in the prairie this morning..it's a bit odd to see it in the middle of summer..and the weather stick is pointing down, so that means more rain for the day. I hope it's correct on it's prediction~
I read this and thought it a bit funny, see what you think:
Number of guys who, like Tim Taylor, have asked a neighbor for advice over the fence: 1 in 4.
Number who say the advice was lousy: 1 in 5.
What do you think about those numbers?? I thought it was a riot~ that came from Men's Heath Mag, btw~
Fall Paper Cowgirl sign ups are under way~ Check it out~
Hope your Tuesday is a slow ride~ enjoy the trip!


mendytexas said...

Oh boy!! Those look incredible! Can't wait to see the final product!! :)mendy

WingingIt said...

i love the charms...i wanna play for sure...but do not know what that looks like...thanks for sharing

Campbell Jane said...

Those look like so much fun!

Cindy said...

good gosh those are teeny weeny...no wonder you were going crazy that day. I could not do that cause I could not see em! LOL.

(aka Mr. Magoo)