Friday, June 5, 2009

So Sorry...

My life has been busy lately..the great onion harvest is still going on..I have smelled of onions all day..

I've been working on stock for Vendor a few things ready to solder up:

Backsides...Do you see the ships in the background one the first one?? the front of the charm is from the same photo..I love how this looks..

Hub found this little fella the other day..we were excited to have him at our don't see
horned toads too often anymore..We always called them Horny Toads..and would capture them at the playground at school and put them to sleep by rubbing their tummy..We both have fond memories of these creatures..We hope he grows up and has a family here on our little place..I will be on the look out for him when I mow..
My blogging is going to be sparse the next few weeks, soo sorry..Paper Cowgirl and Classes at the Crafty Scrapper, and other things are going to be on top of the list..just to let you know, I'll be hit or miss for awhile..I've tried to be a good blogger and do it daily..but alas~ I can't..

I finally listed this Shrine necklace on Etsy:
Have a great weekend!!


Unknown said...

Seems like this is becoming a busy time of year for everyone. I wish I was going to be at your events -- they sound like fun!

Tina said...

My husband and I were talking about Horny Toads just the other just don't see them anymore here in Arizona either. I too have fond memories of catching them when we would go camping and putting them to sleep by rubbing their bellies. :)
Here's to a growing family of them at your house!

Love your blog!

Pocket Full of Prettys said...

Hi Tina, hope you have fun at the Paper Cowgirl Retreat, wish I could be there. Have tried the foam pump soap at Bath & Body Works for removal of onions on your hands? The lemon and orange scents work great. We were in your town June 1st b/c our son came home from Korea. Maybe next time we can get together! Hugs***Renea

Poetic Artist said...

What a cute frog..We do not have those In Alabama..I dont think. Never saw one..Yes this is the time when you could be several places at one time..LOL

Lori Saul said...

Lovely charms and necklace- beautiful work! I also enjoyed your prior post about messiness- but what stunning things (your bottles) come out of of such disarray!

Robin said...

Your shrine necklace is awesome!

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Oh my! I am so behind and missing so many good things! The Horned Toad, the bottles, the bumpy soldering, the shrine necklace - all yummy and so satisfying and interesting and inspiring to see! Lovely, every bit of it!

I am away from home a few days, then home a couple of weeks and gone again a couple of weeks. I can't wait to be home for a good long while and get back to some work! Until then, keep making all of these lovely things for me to see and drool over!


mendytexas said...

OOH, I love what you are working on Tina!! Can't wait for a few weeks...PC! :)mendy