Friday, June 12, 2009

My Swap is finished!!

Well, last night we picked up my Art Buddie aka: Grand#1. She's staying with us for about 3 weeks..she was bouncing off the walls to say the least...she wanted to do everything last night when she arrived here at the Shop Shack.

So, today we made art in the Studio, and she helped me price and pack things for Paper Cowgirl.
PC is less then 2 weeks away!!!! yay!!! Did I show you this:

It's a little shrine necklace for all my rocker Cowgirls.. I'll have it on vendor night in my booth...

Today, I finished up the presentation on my Western themed Domino for the swap I'm hosting at PC.

This was the only swap I participated in. I wanted to do the others, but didn't think I had the time, we had a cool crown swap going on and some others that I would have loved to been a part of...We had some late gals, so I started this swap for them to join in on...
Next WEek is crUnch TimE for Cee and I..getting the final details wrapped up and ready for our SECOND altered ArT retreat!! We are excited!! Hope you are too..
Have a great weekend!!

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Unknown said...

Hi: Just joined Etsy Texas Crafters and enjoy your blog. Hope you like it.