Thursday, June 11, 2009

Busy Hands..

That's the way the last few days have been..doing things that you have to do to keep your household going and then working on things for the retreat...Plus 2 classes on Tuesday at the Crafty Scrapper....

Do you see the Gothic Arch Shrine??? I finally added beads and chains and trinkets to her..

Now she is complete.

These are NOT complete...

I was cutting and grinding glass for the above charms. Which by the way, will be available on Vendor night to those who were not lucky enough to get one for free...anyhoo..I was cutting and grinding glass, and the Muse takes over..cut some little stix she whispers in my ear..So, I did...and a few more to work on, Like I need something else..

Hope the bad weather that we have been having has not effected you too badly..we were literally on the edge of it stopped raining at the end of our road, and we just got a
Few sprinkles here at the Shop Shack...I hear others had tornado sirens going off and super downpours in their towns..
Off to put away MORE ONIONS...I swear..we have more than enough and he's talking of planting more this fall..
And a special thanks to the gals who came to classes on Tuesday!! We now have more soldering ladies out in the art world and some more alcohol ink addicts~ And thanks to Carolyn and Heidi at the Crafty Scrapper in Waxahachie!!!
Happy Day to you ;)


mendytexas said...

Oh my gosh...your newest soldered goodies are incredible! I soldered tonight too! Can't wait to see you soon! :)mendy

Cindy said...

It got down right ugly here last night and I was home alone...skeerd! LOL. LOVE the stix Back to addressing envies. later.