Friday, March 27, 2009

Oh my~

I am not proficient on photo programs such as Photo shop...but my son is! I gave him a couple of those photos I took last weekend and then posted here..Look at the pop he put into my shots!




This is just what I had in mind when I was taking these...getting the colors darker and the greens more acid...I love it..He did good~ He's been learning things and reading magazines on what to do and such..I just don't have the 'room' on this old puter to add a new program like for now I'll just have to ask favors and hope he dotes on his dear old mom..
I'm currently working on a commissioned charm for a good friend..she has an awesome photo of her mom and dad 'back in the day' ..all yummy and vintage, just what I love~ I'll show you when it's all done and delivered.. I have acquired some most awesome Frozen Charlotte dolls, I'm making up shrines for..the first one I've finished, went to a friend 'down South'..and the second one, I had to keep for myself..and now I'm ready to finish some up for be on the look out for their debut soon..Big, Chunky, Vintage!!!
Next week at the Paper Cowgirl blog we will start a give away "trail ride"...don't forget~
Happy Trails!


Cindy said...

Loved your originals, but wow, he really put the zing into em. He has a great eye. Yep, ask for more.


mendytexas said...

Watch out...that photoshop is addictive!! GORGEOUS shots Tina!!

Unknown said...

I love the images, both tbefore and after. I too would love to have a program like that. My dear husband accidentally deleted it from out computer. Darn it! It is very sweet of your son to help out his "dear old mom". :D what a sweetie. Have fun shooting some more. I love shooting older pieces, as well.

Doojies said...

Love it all! I did a post on my blog about mail I got from you today. It's at: . I want to see you while I'm in CS next and week after next. Are you going to Round Top? The Cowgirl Prom? Need a date? Email me, please!!!!!

Heartinmyhand said...

Love the rust and turquoise. Great photos

Sherri said...

Love both images a LOT....the 'befores' are awesome in their own right.