Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tuesday Stuff

Today, I'm working on a bunch of things at once, it makes you life feel hectic when that goes on doesn't? We are wrapping up the scheduling of Paper Cowgirl and getting the teachers all in order..Just 2 more weeks until sign ups!! Cindy and I are excited!! Vendor night is going to have a theme too this year!!

This small piece popped up one night:
You can't see the dimension to it, but the thing is layered, so in person the mermaids are farther away from the ship and it gives it some good depth..It's 2x3 and I found the image on Flickr of an old postcard, I covered up the writing on the top area with rub-ons and the words from an old book..Later I added some chain that has a green chip stone on it..very 'islandy' to me..

And these goodies, I won off Ebay:
They may become pendants or they may grace the tops of some old bottles..who knows at this point..
Thanks for all the new Titter followers and thanks for going to my Etsy and checking out my new things..I have some small pebbles in the word small pendants that will be showing up soon..
Ta-ta for now..


Amy Huff said...

Okay, all of your pieces are awesome but this mermaid piece is just incredible. Love mermaids and with the embellishments it just adds to the aged feeling. Terrific job!

Anji Gallanos said...

I love this mermaid it two sided?? the layering really makes it dimensional and unique. Great work!

Cindy said...

That mermaid piece is cool! You need to show it to Dale...LOL. She will love it!