Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Trying my hand

Altered bottles seem to be all the rage here in blogland..don't know if they are anyplace else..but, thought I'd try my hand at some. I had some old bottles and then I found some more at Wally's for under 2 bux for 3 and they seemed a good size, just no tops or corks.

I had a whole bag of findings, I got several of them a couple of years ago at a store called Friendze, in the 'grab bag' clearence bin.. I've used some of them on my altered cabinet cards..
Then it hit me to use them on these bottle tops..so that's what I've been doing.

"Welding" them together with flux and solder to become massive tops for these bottles..

I plan to put them on Etsy one day, but don't know when..if you are intrested in any of them give me a little shout and we can fix you up..if not, they are fun to do and I found some more bottles that are really small and may make 'pendants' out of them..wouldn't that be fun??
Have a super Tuesday!


Paula Clare said...

Hi Tina! Great minds think alike I suppose...what is the size of these bottles?

I have some tiny bottles (3") that seed beads came in...they're plastic, but I've made pendants of them. My first is a cowgirl pendant (big surprise, right?). I used a bit of a stamped tag as background, and then glued the cowgirl on the inside front of the bottle. It gives it a fab dimensional look. Then I put a bit of red bandana inside, topped it off with a lid and leather rope and voila! We are making some for my altered art retreat!

WOOHOO! Your bottles are gorgeous...I'm TRYING to get the hang of soldering...not doing too great just yet. Practice, practice, right?

By the way, do you mind if I use the image of your altered dominoes in a collage of images for my retreat? We are making altered dominoes, and although I don't have your artistic ability, I just want to show some examples of ways to alter them.

Anonymous said...

They are really great! I saw these for the first time at the Santa Monica flea market...really ornately done with lots of solder and crosses on the tops...for about $40 each..just have not been able to find the right supplies to start some...but I think they look beautiful and make a lovely home decoration!

Anonymous said...

I love these!! What a neat way to use all the findings!

-- Valerie @ HHH Enterprises

Cindy said...

These are really cool! Way Cool! Did you email that gal that I told you too....I bet she would LOVE these! They are just beautiful...better looking than the ones our store paid big bux for and the ended up breaking....

Ohmygosh...just noticed your skeered girl...you are a scream!


Shannon (Faith and Chocolate) said...

LOVE these bottles, girl!