Thursday, February 26, 2009

Paper Cowgirly stuff

Here is my class project for the Paper Cowgirl Altered Art Retreat in June:

They are on the larger end of things, about 5 inches to the tip of the roof..would be a CHUNKY necklace or a great Ornament.. I will provide all the stuff but the rub ons in the class kits..
And if you wanted, you could even bring a wallet sized photo of someone you love to make it personalize on the back side..

I'll have the goodies but the rub-on for this side too.. Won't this be fun?? I've had alot of fun putting it together for class..and the kits, well, I set the bar high last year. If you didn't make it, the kits were in to-go coffee cups with a cute Cowgirl image on it all with brown papers and thinking cap is on, to make this one as fun~
I hope your checking the Paper Cowgirl blog..for I'm posting things to entice you at odd times everyday this week!! Sign ups begin at midnight on the 1st....Class sizes are limited..
***Next Saturday the 7th is my soldering class at the Crafty Scrapper in Waxahachie, TX...if you get a chance, come by and see us! We are going to have a good time! Thanks again to Sherri for scheduling me!! ***
off to do more PC goodness!


Cindy said...

TEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! I LOVELOVELOVE that first one....I think it would make a wonderful hostess gift for the gal that is letting you stay with her (hint, hint, hint)...I mean, it's not enough that I'm asking you to bring me 15 tons of coffee...I want this too! Puhhhhhh-leaze? I lurves it. Or does this mean I have to take your class? LOL.


Sherri said...

will be good to see you. I better bring some aloe vera or something for those of us who can't remember which end of the iron is hot!

mendytexas said...

Everyone is going to LOVE your class!! The houses are so cute!! Can't wait to finally meet you there! :)mendy