Tuesday, December 9, 2008

On the Work table

On a forum I am part of, one of the gals asked if anyone could use some paper mache' items..
I raised my hand..and low and behold at the door in a couple of weeks were boxes of the stuff! yea!! new collage fodder...She had included these little plates, they are about Seven and a half inches..Being in the Christmas mood, I thought I'd play around with one and see what happened..I knew I wanted a Christmas theme..but not what at that point...so I layered on some old dictionary pages and gesso'd them over..then inked and softened that..then, things started to take shape..I used rub-ons, which I always seem to screw up and this was no exception... had to tinker with some colored pencils hither and yon..basically, just played with the whole thing with not a set purpose in mind..( I read in an artist newsletter I get, that we need to let our 6 year old that is within us, out and play, you put something on the canvas because YOU LIKE it..and go with it from there, so that's what I was doing...but I'm usually a fly by the seat of my pants artist anyway..as things jell as they are happening for me..)

I couldn't get the image to fill up the plate the way I wanted, so since Santa was cut off before the end of the plate,I wanted to hide that straight edge..Going through on of my Elementary Readers, I found the perfect words..thinking about some kids and how they go on and on and on when they get into Santa's lap(remember standing behind them waiting your turn?)...I came up with this list..I really wanted to put something snarky on it..but chicken'd out..

I'm smelling a several more of these in my head...before I'm done with these plates..

Hope your Christmas season is going well..
Have a great day!


Cindy said...

Wha??? No snarky? Darn! Hey, this is really, really cute! I think your one-year old self did a fantastic job! Want to see more!!!!!!


Dede Warren said...

These are darling, I think you should make lots and lots of them. And the list... I love it!!!