Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Mail Goodies!!

The big black mail box was full!!! and with NOt BILLS! Don'tcha love it when that happens?!!

This little goodie is from my fren Robby, across the Scotland, she's a displaced Aussie, we met on a forum and she's blessed me with some of her work! Thanks Robby!! I love IT, you did a great job at soldering! I shall wear it proudly!

Then a box from Washington State:

This was a flickr swap...Carol used a vintage garland she got at a garage sale, how cool is that??, added the Santas she made and pinecones she gussied up for this cool garland/banner/swag..and sent me a bag full of small goodies too boot! Carol! you spoiled me, and I feel like I cheated you!!

I purchased this banner from my fren Cindy at her Etsy shop:

It fits right in with my decor here in the shop shack and it's sooo vintage-y...I couldn't stand it and had to have it!!! Thanks Cindy for leading me to it, cauz, you knew I'd buy it, what are friends for???

These are an Ebay purchase...

Yes, Skeery doll heads...but I wanted the little ones, and had to get the whole lot.
But, this whole lot was WAY cheaper than some of the auctions for just one of these tiny frozen Charlotte head alone have been going I'll just wrap the skeery ones back up,they maybe a gift to a friend who has jars of skeery doll heads sitting around her house.

These little ones are too dang cute, I think they will end up on the top of a little shine, like I've been seeing on some of the blogs and in a Somerset mag, this summer..but right now they are too cute in a spot on some shelves in the studio!
Hope your Holidays are going well!
Merry Christmas!


Sherri said...

I love doll parts. I have several, but need more!!! Looks like some great items came in the mail! Lucky You.

Cindy said...

Hmmmmmm, one might say that you are "spoiled"......naaaaaw! : D

Hey, unlike my evil twin above, I think the doll heads are like, waaaaay creepy! LOL. They do nothing for me...cept make me cringe. Oh well, different boats...I guess. LOVE the Santa's and goodies that Carol sent...those are too cute. And your charm gift was pretty too...lucky gurl!


Anonymous said...

glad it got to you Tina....I made it ages ago...and it even came on holidays to PA with me!!!!! xxxRobby