Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I should be cookin'

That's what I've been working on..Thanksgiving meal, so things aren't so rushed and hurried on the 'big' day..doing things everyday to make it all go easier..

When I went to the big black mail box, my Frozen Charlotte were there..and then I started playing around in the studio:

one thing leads to another and then before you know it, you've piddled away 30 minutes...and your not doing what needs to be done..that's the life of the creative.

I forgot to show you what all I got from my partner in the Vintage Ephemera swap on Flickr:
Julie was so good to me..I feel like I shorted her on what I sent..Thanks again Julie!
Ya'll have a good week and Happy Thanksgiving!


Citygirl.em said...

okay, major duhh...here but what is a Frozen Charlotte? I cook the easy way, although I don't have an army to cook for (I so wish I did), just my immediate family. I get up, make the stuffing, stuff the turkey, thow it in the oven and spend an hour fixing the rest and I'm done. We do a very basic, simple feast. Everyone here just likes the potatoes, gravey and stuffing with the turkey and of course, the cranberries and some veggie. That's it!

Jan Thomason said...

good grief, what is wrong with me??? NO, that arm doesn't look familiar to me - i think the last five weeks have done me in! LOL

oh, tina, i'm supposed to be opening my new lollishop...........does it count if i open it and the shelves are empty??? hahahahaha

xoxoxo and i MISS you! jan