Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Time Tea Party

"3 Months without you in our life's"

This weekend was tea party time again. Dad was in with his new motorcycle and took Pearl(Sage,the oldest) on a 4 hour road trip around our area. She has waited a long time to be able to take a trip with him. His new bike is able to let her ride comfortably on a big seat and large backrest. She was thrilled because her new helmet even allowed her to listen to the radio and talk with her Big Daddy as they went down the road. He said she talked his ear off the whole time. At one point she even said I would like to listen to the radio and her Big Daddy told her if she would just be quite for a while she could hear it already playing. Little sister was upset that she did not get to go.

This party we had a little late in the evening since Sage was gone. When she returned we went inside and had Vanilla Wafer with pralinutta(like nutella) a hazelnut spread. Also fruit punch kool-aid. Nana is the one that introduced the girls to Nutella and they love it. That is one memory that they can keep with them always.

Sage(Pearl, her nickname from her Nana and Big Daddy because she was born on Pearl Harbor Day)

Grace(Coot, another name that Nana and Big Daddy call her because when she was born her sister said "she is so coot" and it stuck.
Sorry to post this late, but have had a very busy weekend with the kids and family. I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter.
Tina's Loving~


Diva Kreszl said...

thank you for sharing this lovely post with us, we all love hearing updates on you and the girls and of course the pics are awfully nice too!

Bettyann said...

Thanks for sharing..the girls look so grown up..

Distressing Delilah a.k.a. jenn said...

Just going through my blog sorry, I didn't not realize she had passed away..god bless.

meleen said...

blessings to all of you!!

lizzieshome said...

I am one of the gabby girls...I pop over here from time to time to get my "tina fix". we miss her so much as I am sure you all do too. she taught we gabby girls so much about how to live life and she will be in our hearts always. Darlene

Jan Thomason said...

Nutella!! Get this.
When I drove up to see Tina (and Will, of course:), we had a great dinner cooked by the two of them. Tina was feeling really good that weekend which was such a blessing.
I gave her the tag gate and some other special things (one being cookies that I wasn't aware Will wouldn't let her eat! lol Check the freezer...)
The next morning we went to breakfast at the House of Pancakes (is that what it's called? beats me).
I ordered cheese crepes and your mother, saying that since The Food Police wasn't there that she was going to have her favorite........Nutella Crepes.

I had never heard of Nutella so she had me taste her crepes.
OMG, I have never..........bought a jar soon after I returned home.

What a wonderful memory made even better after reading this post.

Thank you for making me smile.