Saturday, March 13, 2010

Things as She Left It

I had taken pictures of Mom's studio the week after she passed away. We wanted to remember what everything looked like the way she left it. Everything today is still in the same place. This was her favorite room in the whole house. If you could not find mom you would know to look in her studio. I loved the colors of the walls and she had also painted brown swirlys around the doorways and randomly on the walls. Now every time I go over to the house this is the room I like to look around in. I can not go over without entering this room. It seems to call out to me. It seems every time I enter the studio I find something I have never seen before.

As you can see she was in the middle of projects. Ever since her cancer was found she did not do to much dabbling in her studio as she use to. She was trying to get somethings made for her etsy store for Christmas and then some charms of the girls for family members. Also her and Marsha Jorgenson(Tumblefish Studios) were doing a little swap at the time and mom was making one of her pieces of art into a charm for her. I was able to send Marsha her charm and mom had even made one for herself. Mom was always messy while she was busy in the studio as you can tell from the table. But every now and then she would straighten everything back up.
Now Dad has told Me and the Grands that this is our studio after some time. The grands loved to come and paint and be crafty with their Nana in here. They still love to go in there and make different things. They always thought that Nana had the neatest little things and crafts in her studio. We still have many more memories we can make in this room.
Have a great weekend!
Tina Loving DD


Paula Clare said...

Oh My! I just got a huge lump in my throat as I look at dear Tina's studio! I have several of her soldered pieces as well as some cowgirl art...absolute TREASURES that I will never, ever part with! I miss her artful style and friendly way of creating...seeing her studio is truly like gazing into her heart...sniffle, sob. I'm sure this would be the hardest place to "be" for a while...thank you for sharing the pictures...I am beyond grateful.

Hugs and prayers to you all,
Paula Clare

Outofmymind said...

That breaks my heart. Just breath and pray when it get's too hard. I'm dreading the day when my mom goes.

Diva Kreszl said...

thank you for sharing this heartfely post with us, I imagine it's easy to feel your mom in the studio and how wonderful to find something new each time you go in. As this was her favorite spot it probably holds some of her favorite things too. I am sure she is smiling down from heaven, watching you all create in her space.

Unknown said...

Tina, I was browsing the different blogs and I came across yours. I read the title and skip the rest. As I start to read your words got my attention and then I saw your mama'a picture. I met your mom about 12 years ago. I have just open my shop and your mom stopped and visited. She was in the process of painting a mural in a home in Harker Heights TX. We immediately hit it off. She brought some tags and other whimseys she had worked on. Do you know Tina was the first person that introduce the altered art and tags to me? Nobody else was making the stuff, she was way ahead of her time. When I heard of her passing I was so sadden since she was such a treasure to many and such a giving spirit. I now she loved her family above all things and even when we lost contact I always remembered her when I saw art reminiscent of her. Do you plan to dab into the art? Her studio look exactly like my house when I get in a roll with crafting projects. It is called creative chaos and some of us thrive in it. I know that your mom was loved and regarded by many and I pray that you and your family, specially your dad will find comfort in that fact and most importantly that we will all see each other in Heaven, someday. Blessings to you all, Marta.

Unknown said...

See a craft room all messy is like looking at the place where someone LOVED what they did. I'm sure your mother would want you to enjoy the space as much as she did.

Cindy said...

I hate it that I never got up that way to see your Mom's room. Stu had seen it and had told me that I would have loved it (and that it looked like mine). I miss your Mom so much. But as I work on PC, I hear her voice in my head. I'm so glad that you and the girls will keep the crafting going on, I know she would love that. Thinking of you guys and sending hugs your way!


Thespa McLaughlin said...

This was a beautiful post and tribute to your mother's creative spirit. You will always have that to hold onto. I feel the same way about my dad's garage. There are many projects he had started that remain unfinished, an all handmade telescope as well as many others. It was very hard to go in there at first, but it's getting easier.

Jan Thomason said...

It was like deja vu to see the pictures of your mom's studio.
when i visited your mom to take her the tag gate early in november we spent a long time in her studio as i checked everything out! it reminded me so much of mine because it was as messy and fuller than it should have been! just like mine.
that visit (afternoon/evening and next morning) was full of delightful moments. She felt good and we laughed and cut up and your dad teased me *as usual*.

when i look at your pictures of her studio it makes me smile in my heart because it reminds me of our last in person time together and it was so special.

God bless you and the grands.
Tell your dad "hi" for me.


Sea Dream Studio said...

How poignant to see the things Tina was working on... words like "home sweet home" and "joy"... and pictures of your daughters! I hope you take some comfort in that room where your mother's spirit is so present.

Unknown said...

That is the most touching thing I have read on anyones blog x I feel like I have met your mum x leigh x

Sue said...

Although I am from Connecticut I happened to be in Texas last June for classes at Ten Seconds Studios. My friend and I came upon the Paper Cowgirl Retreat while checking out crafts stores in the area. I loved your mom's work and bought 3 of her pieces. They spoke to me. I have them hanging in my craft room and admire them daily. What a special talent! I so wish I could have taken classes with her! Thanks for continuing to share her life and yours with us. I hope the grands will enjoy her studio. Snick~Sue

meleen said...

thank you so much for sharing, your mom was so kind, i hope you feel her smiling down on you and the rest of your family everyday!


Kady said...

I love the look of her craft table - like she's gonna come back and be in there any minute. That table is the sign of a creative person, which your mama surely was. Keep those precious memories close to you always.