Friday, February 12, 2010

Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow!

Today we received 6 inches of snow and the girls loved it. They would play for about 30 minute increments and then return indoors to warm up. They had a blast in the snow. All the other times it has snowed we were never home to play in with mom being in the hospital. So today we made full effort to play outside and enjoy it. Grace kept telling us that Nana was making it snow for us and I am sure she was since we missed out on it earlier this year.
At lunch time their Daddy came home and had a little snowball fight with them. Big Daddy was not doing much work yesterday so he decided to head our way and spend some time with his grands. After sitting inside for a while they talked Big Daddy into going outside and making a snowman. He started off rolling a small ball until it became bigger for the base. The girls thought that it was the neatest thing to see it get bigger. BD shaped it into a more round shape and his grands start adding more for the middle portion. BD then had to leave to head back home. SO the rest was left up to me and the girls. I think we did a pretty fine job! Grace said he was her boyfriend and that she even named him "Joe". She is such a crazy one.

Hope you enjoyed the snow in your area if you received some.

Have a great day~DD


Brenda said...

What fun! What memories. I'm sure Nana was involved for sure :D Thanks for sharing these pictures and your day of fun with us, just as your mom would certainly have done.

Joe said...

Oh, it looks like fun was had by all.