Monday, October 26, 2009

Another Wonderful book in the mail

Our 'other child' sent me this Wonderful book in the mail.
Tina and Scott lived across the street from us when in College Station. They became like our 'other' and out at all hours, borrowing something, eating with us, hanging out, motorcycle riding...We all had great fun. Tina made me this great little tag book with photos from things we had done at their and our house! She such a sweetie! Thank you!
This week I have another treatment. They are starting me on another med. so we'll see how that treats me come Thursday. My BFF Cee is coming to sit with me on Wed. as I take the treatment...Hope we can discuss some of our Paper Cowgirl ideas and get the June retreat going.
Looking forward to a Halloween Party at Ann-Denise's' house on Sat. We are just playing it by ear to see how I feel that day..
Hope God's blessed your day the way he's Blessed me today!
Hugs, t


Gypsy Fish said...

Hi Tina: I found your etsy site and loved your things so much I needed to see morem which led me here.....your work is magnificent! God bless you in your battle against that wreched disease. May your creativity see you through.
{{{gypsy hugs}}}

Suzie Button said...

Hi, Tina! What a sweet book! It's great having talented friends, isn't it?! I say a prayer that your treatment will help you win this battle and that you won't become too ill from it. Blessings going out to you! Suzie

DeeDee said...

Just checking in on you. Hope the new med isn't bad.