Thursday, September 3, 2009

Make your own tool..

Michelle Ward is great inspiration. If you have not looked at her blog, you need too..she may not be your style but she is full of wonderful ideas and things to use in your own works..she has a whole line of cool rubber stamps too..

Awhile back on one of her "challenges", she wanted you to make a tool you needed in your art work..whether it be a stamp, stencil, resist or block..I did that one..and had great fun making rubber stamps with my hand drawn today that came back to me..

I have an idea for a new line of charms..and I wanted a name to set them apart from anything I do or anyone else..But I knew I didn't have the computer skills or program to make that something up that I had in my mind..But! I can draw it out...I can Carve! it away..I did have some lino left and time to make that idea in my head...
So after a few tries and some tweaking here and there..Some carving, and cleaning, and inking..I came up with what was inside my head:

I'm quite happy with the results!

I think it will all jell and come together in the next couple of weeks and I'll show you the whole she-bang~But for now..that's all you get..hope you are inspired to do something like make your tool, to find an alternative.

Have a great Thursday!



mendytexas said...

Love this girlie!! You are too cool...Mendy

icandy... said...

Really cute!!! Love what you came up with!