Friday, August 14, 2009

Etsy adds

I finally set down and added some stuff to my poor neglected Etsy shop..Ever since Vacation, I've not added anything new..

Love this sassy one:

Isn't that a good one?? Thanks to Becky for handing that saying off to me~

Then these fellows have been in the Etsy Suitcase long enough and they are going as a lot of 3:
I've added more..but you'll have to go see for yourself...

Thanks to all for the recent purchases!

Thanks to the ladies on Tuesday at the Crafty Scrapper. We had a 101 class, and a Chubby Charms class..but I forgot my camera~ so no photos..bad me~ sorry.. But those ladies rocked on their soldering, they are going to put us out of the jewelry biz!..AND it was PAPER COWGIRL day!!! I had 2 in the 101 class that visited us in June and 3 in the CC class!! Yea!!

Go sign up for our October One day mini retreat~ We are taking only 20, so hurry over and get yourself a seat!!

Have a great weekend!!


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Artifacts - Bruce, MS said...

LOVE that saying on that one!! Too funny.