Thursday, August 6, 2009

The dreaded Rejection Letter...

Have you ever received one???
You know, you turn your art work in, hoping it will be published..but instead of the "YOUR IN" letter you get the "Thank you, but..." letter??
Yep, that's what happened to me..The Sister's call for art..My magnet and ATC didn't make the cut..

Oh well, these pieces mean nothing to no one but ME..and that's all that matters.. There will be more art and more calls for art..just seems lately I don't have the 'look' they are after..not my will be one day again~
But you know what?? You can't get the rejection letter if you don't put your work out there for people to see~ So, what is your work doing sitting around? What would it hurt to put it out there??? This paper can go in the trash..who said it has to sit and look at me and remind me I didn't make their cut?? Who??? The rejection police?? not here...So.Onward and Upward~ That's all one can do..I hope you do believe that too..

Peace out~



Paula Clare said...

Hey girlfriend, what do THEY know? I LOVE your stuff...AND your style! I have come to realize that my style (although NOT Somerset material) is uniquely ME and therefore, good enough!

Embrace the Tina-ness that is you, and go on! *I* think the pieces are adorable...AND one might consider it a privilege to have been rejected from a magazine as lofty as Somerset!

Hugs and faith,
paula clare

Jamie said...

Oh Sweet Tina! It happens to all of us. And you are right, it can't happen if we don't try. I love your Sister art pieces. And you love them and that's all that matters. Peace out Girl! Love, Sleeping Beauty

Robin said...

All of your work is publication worthy Tina! Keep creating your lovely art:)

Take Care - Robin

Cindy said...

While I am sorry that you did get rejected (and the artwork is beautiful btw) it is a hard thing to experience. I think our creations are a little bit of our souls, we put ourselves into each piece, sometimes not hard to take personally or hurtfully. But you have the right attitude! Persistance is the key.

yapping cat

chantal Johnson said...

I have been on both ends of that letter. I am about to send things to them and don't know what the response will be and also I am entering in the State Fair..Even if "No, thank you." is the answer, We created, we enjoyed and we tried. Thanks for including me in the Fall paper girl art day!!


Diva Kreszl said...

Frame that's a testimony to your least it means you're doing something!

mendytexas said...

Got the SAME letter several I send things via email attachment instead. So sorry...your creations are gorgeous...their loss!:)mendy

Jan Thomason said...

i absolutely adore the one on the right!! where did you get that picture of the little girl with her mouth wide open in excitement??????
she's so me when i was that age. heck, she's so me now.