Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Vacation Pictures

Be forewarned...this is a group of vacation pictures, if your not into that..well, leave now..if you want to see what we've been up to, then proceed..

This is most of our group, stopping for lunch one day..

One of the 'locals' we saw along the trail...

We rode 29 miles of dirt road to cross Kebler Pass. It was a good road and the ride was well worth it...from Hotchkiss across to Crested Butte..

We had a great time, thanks for peeking in~
Happy Tuesday!!!


Heartinmyhand said...

I love Colorado!!! Great photos. Looks like you had great fun.

mendytexas said...

Looks like an exciting adventure!! Love your pics!! :)mendy

cindy said...

Gosh, everything just looks so gorgeous and green...flowers are beautiful! I envy you just enjoying the cooler temps....LOL. Glad you had a good time, glad you are back.


Jamie said...

Wow! What an awesome time you had Tina. I am jealous! After being housebound with David for two weeks this all looks like heaven to me:) Love, Jamie

Suzie Button said...

Wow, the skies are just amazingly beautiful and what gorgeous wildflowers too! Suzie