Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sneaky Peek Thursday

Sneak peek at the bracelet class packets..I love finding stuff to make these cute..I try to use things I have in the studio use the supplies needed, as part of the presentation.

These paper sacks are tiny ones..remember getting candy in these at the Mom and Pop store
on the corner??? they are like them..and they are old too~

I have 2 soldering 101 Classes on Friday and the Bracelet class Saturday morning...the bracelet class is full!! Thankyouverymuch!! So we rescheduled another one for Sept.19th, we'd love to have you do need to know how to solder though..

I get to spend some time with my fren Cindy..She's (or should I say her hubby) letting me spend the night over there so I'll be on time for Saturday's class..We have fun together..maybe I should have a gift bag for her hubby for putting up with us, when we are together..

Here's a sneaky peek for the Sinister or Sweet necklace class at The Crafty Scrapper..
It will be on display next week at the store if you happen in...take a look at BOTH sides~ that's what makes it Sweet or Sinister~

My helper for today:

She's sporting a new "short cut" (as the 3 year old sister says)...said she felt like a new person, after her
The little sis got one too..that one made us sad..she had pigtails almost to her waist..

And a little something for the maid, who has my bed ready for my stay:

Ya'll have a great weekend..I'm off to Waxahachie!

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Suzie Button said...

Hi there! I love the new haircut on your little one, she's just so cute! Have fun at your classes! Suzie