Thursday, June 18, 2009

This week's Find!

We went on a road trip this week...Stayed overnight in a motel. Wasn't that such a big deal when you were a kid??? Swimming the pool and eating out?? Sleeping in a strange bed, the smells, the feeling of the sheets and such...

We had a fun time at IHOP one night at 9pm..eating crepes and getting a nice sugar high after swimming in the Motel Pool, then watching bad TV until late at night..

We popped into a thrift store in Tulsa while out on the road, and this is what we found:

Priced just right, cauz, I only had 5 dollars in my wallet..

We have had much discussing about the President using one of these. She even asked me,
if this is what you used BEFORE the computer..I thought that was a pretty thoughtful question for a 6 year old... Now I hear the tap-tap-tap of the keys.. It's even my fav color at the it..
You can be you will see some of my charm words come out of this little baby..
Thanks for all the recent Etsy orders!! You people ROCK!!
Thanks for all the comments too, you make me smile :)
Have a great weekend!!


mendytexas said...

OOH, don't let me know about another vintage type find! I have six already! Not sure where to put them all, but I sure love them! Have fun!

Jamie said...

Is it ok if I say I am green with jealousy? LOL!! What a great find and great deal girl! Just one more week!!!! Love, Jamie

Alisa Nordholt-Dean said...

What a great find! I love the why don't they make computers in that beautiful turquoise color?

Tumble Fish Studio said...

What a prize! You will have so much fun with this!