Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hang on, it's getting Bummpy..

This week, I found out a class I had signed up for, at the local art center was canceled..bummer..
It was a decorative soldering class..I was all ready too, learn how to make dots and leaves and such...but Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, there wasn't enough ME,MySELF and I had signed up..
This is the THIRD time I have signed up for a class there and had it canceled out on me..I'm really discouraged about it..doubt I'll sign up for any others there...
So, I went an played around with the solder myself...

Made a few..made a few boo-boo's, but I think I can do the dot thing on my own..seems that is the way for me most of the time, learn it on my own..

I found this cool old ruler at an Antique shop in Burk. a few miles down the was already broke, so perfect price and didn't feel bad about cutting it up for charms..Those dominoes were there too..look how fat that baby is..I loved them, had to get them..a good price too for them because a couple were missing..
I bet a few of these end up in my suitcase at Paper Cowgirl vendor night for sale.. Less than a month away!! I'm getting all excited....plenty to do too..
Have a great weekend, I probably won't be around tomorrow for a post..
See ya~


mendytexas said...

I love your dots!! I have been practicing some stuff like that too. There's no reason we can't figure out those things ourselves!! Your new charms are fabulous! :)mendy

Amy Huff said...

Great job on the dots! I love the ruler pieces as well.