Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Busy girls have no time..

So it seems the last few days..

Had a great group of gals for the solder 101 class on Saturday at the Crafty Scrapper!! Thanks for all the fun ya'll!! Hope you picked up some good tips and ideas to keep on soldering..

Later that day we had a domino class too:

They loved the kits and we had a great time for that class too! Then I drove home to find my house full of girls..the dd and grands were there..so we had to spoil those poor little girls..that is our job..In the mean time, I got attacked by killer gnats..they bit me and left HUGE spots on me..I look like I have a disease...
Paper Cowgirl is drawing closer! I've been working on the class kits and they are going to be kick butt..if I do say so myself~ Hope the gals got their charms that were mailed out a couple of weeks ago..have not heard a word..
Have a great Tuesday!

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