Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Huge Frozen Charlotte Shrine Necklace

Don't you love these Frozen Charlottes?? I found these on Etsy awhile back..

This gal has been on the work table for well over a month now..Tweaking this and adding that, not to mention the layers and layers of solder that had to go on to cover all that area...

What do you think???

It's almost 3 inches tall and 2 inches wide..then found this awesome chain at a local bead store, I knew this would be perfect for it...

This glitter tube is how it is attached to the swings from the glitter tube..whimsy?? or what??

Today I started this one..same thing..add some here add some there and let it all dry out good before it gets encased in's bigger 3x2 and I'm going to make a shrine of necklace..I'm now on the hunt for the perfect feet to solder to it...and something swanky for the top..

Have a great Wednesday :)


dix said...

Love what you have done with your "Frozen Charlottes"! Wow!

Jenny Holiday & Aaron said...

Seeeeriously FABULOUS!!!
XOXO Jenny

laurie said...

HOW CUTE ARE THESE! So glad you had such GREAT use for these little dollies!

Laurie Sweetkate

Robin said...

Wonderful pieces Tina!

Cindy said...

These are just amazing! You are the bestest dearie!