Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Road Trippin'

Hub and I traveled alot this weekend..I drove to the Metroplex on Saturday, while he took the girls back home..we met that night at HOME.

Sunday we got up and headed down to the Austin area, he had some biz to do in that country..I go along to do the paperwork..

We ended up in this tiny tiny town, Granger. I was happy I had the point and shoot in my purse, for look what I found:

Wonderful old peely paint with crackles and rust!! What a texture find...lol..

Look at this place~ we think someone lived there..for a light was on upstairs and a stove pipe was out of one of the windows up there too...

I think I'm going to get Son to do his photoshop magic on these chairs, aren't they great?? I loved them all lined up like that and the colors and rust and textures..

Is it Mater???? I had to get this old fellow's photo..
Hope you enjoyed the trip to little townTexas..
We are starting Give Aways soon, over on the Paper Cowgirl blog!!
We'd love to have you visit the various Teachers blogs and see what they are going to give away.
Have a Great Day!


Carmen said...

What a cool place! Great shots!

Mary Lynn said...

You have some awesome pictures there girl. I would love to play with these myself!

Unknown said...

How fun...and I do think that is Mater!

Jamie said...

I am in LOVE with the gas pump! So beautiful!! All the photos are great. I am really excited about the giveaways!! Can't wait until June!!!! Love, Jamie

Dreams and Decor said...

Cool photos! I am enjoying your blog! Patti