Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wednesday! Already??!!

Our Chirstmas shopping is finished !!! yea!!! I'm proud to say that none of it went on a charge card! Now to sit back and just enjoy the next few days..

Last night Hub was in the shop working on the DD's table. I wanted to do some soldering, so I came up with these two charms:

I love, this image of the vintage kids, they were in cowboy/cowgirl costumes and I had printed it off a while back and it's just been taking up room on the thought I'd use I was working on it this came in mind for the backside:
You know, that can relate to a hubby, or friend or brother.. I just thought it fit..
Then this little bit of goodness emerged:

This one is a fat chunky one. The wing is actually a charm, I took the jumpring off of. Placed it on velvet ribbon and it just jumps out at ya~

The back of this one is another print that's been sitting on the table..I printed off various sizes of this and love how this tiny one turned out..this charm is only 1 1/2 X 1 inch, so that is why it's so chunky..I've listed both on my Etsy shop.
Thank you all for your comments this year and for your prayers and understanding and friendships! Hugs to you all!
Merry Christmas to you!!


lms said...

tina...i love them both....the wing is my favorite...and the back side that reads just keep them after another...such talent...did you get anything from michigan lately....just wondering if you seen my attempt yet of what you do so must of got a good laugh out it.....i was pitiful...

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Love them all - mmmm, gorgeous!