Friday, December 19, 2008

Quick and easy

Last year my fren posted some similar on her blog about this time of year..This year, I decided to whip some up and add to packages and hang in those bare spots that appear in the tree after you've looked at it awhile.

Just using cardstock I cut my wing pattern to my liking, I did several and several styles...then traced it onto the papers of choice, old hymn book pages..then roughly cut around them. Using a glue stick, then mounted that onto more cardstock. Let dry, then cut it all out...the cardstock gives it some weight.

Using a large print stamp, I stamped my words onto the wings, running them off of the edges, for I like that look...with a glaze pen I added swirls and twirls around some of the letters..Inked the edges with soft colors... Now's the fun~ GLITTER...I just used cheepy cheep clear glitter on this, glue sticked the whole thing good then glittered away...let it all dry out good then took and rubbed my had over to get that loose stuff off.. Punched a hole(s) threaded seambinding for hanging and that's It~
Thanks for the etsy orders this week, I hope they have arrived and you enjoy them!!
Have a great weekend~ Christmas is getting near...We have girls at our house now, and things are going to be fun!!

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Cindy said...

Ohhhhhhh, these turned out really cool. Way better than the ones I did. I love them.