Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

As this year comes to an end, we all start reflecting on the past year's memories, some to forget and some to remember..Then we look ahead to see what the new year might bring, or what we want it to become..then as always, the new year takes a mind of it's own and we just hang on for the ride..

I've planned a swap to start off my new year! I've invited 9 wonderful artists to join me. We are going to do a soldered house swap. My vision is to each have 10 houses to string together by some means, and make a banner from it. I've a few Tardy Tessies, that have not got their info back to me, so I can get a group email out. But that will come and all info will be distributed and we will began on a House Swap adventure!
So, stay tuned in the next couple of months for this swap to unfold and the end results are sure to be amazing! What a way to start the new year! With hopes of an amazing art piece!

Have a Safe and Happy New Year in your end of the world!


Anonymous said...

House swap- great idea! Happy new year, Tina!

Cindy said...

Tardy Tessies? LOL! Glad I'm not one of those! : D

You always have a way with words. Looking forward to hang time! Happy New Year my friend!



lms said...

hi there tina....i just wanted to pop in and wish you a happy new years and to say thanks for being my blog buddie.....i really enjoy keeping up with you and your family and i also enjoy seeing what you are up to each's to another great year!!!!!!your prim friend lin

Anonymous said...

I'm in!!!

Lizbeth King - Persimmon Possum Designs said...

Girl, I LOVE your new look! :) I just updated the store blog with a better background but yours look even better! :)