Monday, November 10, 2008

Soldering is out of hand..

Or maybe it's not..Here is a Large piece I put up on Etsy last week...She's on a base from reclaimed Scrabble game board..and it just gets better from there..A few months ago, our friend in Oklahoma, gave me 2 large bags full of old farm ledgers/receipts his aunt had kept..every day they wrote down what came in and what went out..well that's the next layer.. a page from one of the ledger books...

Real Monarch butterfly wings make this gal rock..we found them in the grass last month..I think they fell off the gril of SIL's, I didn't hurt anything for the sake of art..ok?? Just giving found objects new life...

Then after more doing and dading..I covered it all in a piece of glass and soldered it all up..I patina'ed the solder, mixed two colors *can you do that????* well, I did and it look all old and grungy or even as my pal Cindy sez: Grotty~

This weekend the #1 grand came over and we all went to the Red River to ride the 4 wheeler and the Razor...Scooby went too..I strapped him on behind me on the 4 wheeler and we just tooled around like old people while hub and grand zoomed and zipped and slung sand on us..They ended up getting extremely muddy and loved every minute of it..

Again, if I can ask for prayers for out son Deke, seems he's having some probs. with all, he's been through..he needs Jesus to give him a hand up and out of this..he's reached some dark spot in his mind and we are unable to reach's breaking our hearts..and we are praying as hard as we can, so I think it's time to send in the we'd appreciate it..
thanks so much blog friends!


Paula Clare said...

Praying very much for your son and your family...may God give you grace for each day!

Cindy said...

She is beautifully grotty! LOL. Seriously, she turned out really, really cool! And wow, looks like muddy good fun! And yes, will keep D. in prayer...sorry to hear bout all that. Had hoped it was getting better.


Sherri said...

The little girl piece is great. I love that you got ledger and real wings. My prayers will include your son. Dark places are hard to get out of on our own.