Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Good Will finds

Headed off to town. I was going after a hollow core door..hub is making me a computer desk in the studio's closet..we wired it for that when we built but just have not finished out that one little detail of a desk top..well, Good Will is just on the way to the Home Box I had to stop..right?

Do you try to think about what you want to find when you are about to thrift? I do, I was thinking along the lines of a bingo or scrabble game today..

Instead, I found this:

These sweet baby pages came out of a Home Health Encyclopedia that was OLD..maybe as old as some of my friends who were born is the FIFTIES..snicker.. I took the pages I wanted out of it and just pitched the rest of it..I have way too many books and didn't need one full of medical jargon..
Found this cool old Texas tin tray..put it up with all my other collectibles in the older spool of velvet type ribbon..which was wonderfully aged and the red was not bright anymore so that was perfect..

Then the find I was not after:

It's worn and ragged and scribbled in, but for a buck, it was mine!! So, I came away from there smiling and high fiving myself over this little book, everyone lusts after..yea baby!
Have a great day and hope you find some goodies too !


Cindy said...

Love that sweet little BeBe...and you have friends that were born in the fifties...scary! Good thing I'm NOT one of em. LOL. Not me. And Dick and lucky dog! What a find...would make some cute soldered stuff for sure.


My Crafty Little Page said...

Dick and Jane - I thought they lived the most exciting life! A few more years and I'll be thinking the same thing!!! Nice finds. :)N