Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What does your work table look like?

Yep, this is mine at the moment..I'm working on more little shrine necklaces...but things are still piled up from BEFORE Paper Cowgirl stuff..shame on me..I've been putting away as I finish up with things, but that has slacked off and it's about to bite me in the @$$...I gotta take some time and clean up my studio..where's that cleaning fairy when you need it? Have you seen it?? If you do please, please send it my way~


Sea Dream Studio said...

LOL! My studio space is always so chaotic! I try so hard to be tidy, but I fear it is beyond me! It really drives me nuts!
Hey, thanks for the sweet card! Made my day!!
hugs!! dale

Sharon Tomlinson said...

Looks familiar to me. Except right now, mine has papers papers. Thanks for the so clever card received yesterday.

Cindy said...

hmmmmm, no cleaning fairies over here..that's for sure...Or I would never let them leave. LOL. Is mine one of the ones you are working on?

:D :D :O :P