Friday, October 10, 2008

Never did tell ya about

How my teaching gig went..

I had a bit of a freak out right before sitting up..But with Cindy there she calmed me down, handed my can of clothes pins to me and sent me in... I looked at those things for hours before and never even moved them, but when the time came I couldn't find the freaking things!!!!

So, started class by handing out our class kits: yep, they were in a coffee to go cups..Everyone loved it..passed out the 'lost' clothes pins, Popsicle sticks and instructions..All seemed well..explained what we were using and that the crystals were called: Onion Skins, because they are be CAREFUL...We had at least 4 busted ones..from over zealous burnishing..but that's and learn..I had packed replacements just in
Everyone seemed to understand my hand outs, that's a good thing.. I gave everyone 6 images to choose from and several sayings all printed out and ready to use..
I loved how every one's was so different but yet the was great..We had one burn..after being told which end was the hot end..but some ice on it and she was good to go.. I did redo a few of the globs of solder on some of them and put on a bunch of jump rings..that's the toughest part of the whole thing.. Fixed some mistakes and answered some questions..but that's what class is learn what not to do and how to fix it if you do mess something up..right??
And BOOM, times over, every one's cleaning up...and I think I inspired some to do some soldering of charms on their own! Now that makes me happy, to give inspiration to others!!
Hope you enjoyed it if you were in my class..Hope to see you there next year if all goes well!!
Thanks again for the support and kind words!!
Have a great weekend!


Cindy said...

You were a pro...other than the freak out over the lost clips! : D

I know they can't wait till you teach again and how you gonna top those cute coffee cup kits?


Sherri said...

I am practicing so I don't break my crystal next time...hee hee. The class was good & loved the cup idea for the kit.

Unknown said...

Sounds like a great class! Those lucky ladies!

My Crafty Little Page said...

I speak from first hand were an excellent teacher and your class kits were so darn CUTE. I just love my necklace! :)Nancy