Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Tricks or treats???

I decided to re-cover the bar stools, here is the before..

Here is the after:
These were going to be thrown out at a house I was fauxing I took them, knowing we were going to have a bar here in the Shop we hung on to them for months..cause you can't beat free...and that cowgirl fabric I've had for awhile now..don't even remember what I was going to do with it to begin with..but now it's covering those purple bar stool seats..hub likes, I like it, we are happy...but I have to do something with that brass ring..that's next~
Look at this little girl:

She looks so melancholy...I found this sentence in a child's reader and had to use it with her.. These are small charm sized houses..wanky and prim..I love them..did up 4 for Etsy.. one has a pug dog on it !
Don't eat too much sugar~
PS: the mouse is gone..not by his own accord..I'll just leave it at that..


Cindy said...

Love the barstools! Isn't there anything you can't do...crafty girl? Happy Halloween!


Cristine's Story said...

Can you provide the mouse "catching" technique you used? I have one that is quite the elusive mouse. And my old dogs could care less!