Friday, September 5, 2008

Road trip Report

I rolled into Cindy's Driveway about 9:30 yesterday morning...and the fun began! We yacked and yacked and yacked...who'd thunk it??

We got in the car and headed to town...Cindy took me by all the places we are going to be doing Paper Cowgirl. We went by the Cottage (below) to look it over for vendor night. We are having 8 for vendor night to set up in this CUTE little place, so if ya'll are in the area, come by and see us Friday Sept 26th for all the super cute handmade goodies and snacky foods with a cowgirl twist!

We had lunch at Panera's, which we both love, and headed back home to work on the mail out packets:

They are going to be super cute. Will be mailed out September 12th, so be on the look out for yours really soon if you are joining us! Plans were also being made for next year's retreat!
We had some help from her fur baby:

Being all nosey in my bag of tricks...
It was a fun day, we got some stuff done, and we got alot of talking in!!
This weekend we are headed North. So I'll see you in about a week!
have a great weekend!


Paula Clare said...

Ooooooooooo how exciting! I can't wait to get my packet in the mail! What a cute little place you have found for vendors...have fun!

Cindy said...

You done pics of my durty house! LOL. Be safe, have fun...bring me back some cool weather please! : D

Had a blast yesterday!


Heartinmyhand said...

Sounds like great fun. I want to see the pics of Cindy's dirty house lol

Anonymous said...


i wish i could be a paper cowgirl....


Unknown said...

How exciting! I so wish I could have joined fun that would have been!
Good luck with everything and keep us posted with all the goodies you have planned...even though we aren't there...I am enjoying the journey!

Sherri said...

hate that I missed seeing you. Oh well, guess we'll meet in a couple weeks!

Shannon (Faith and Chocolate) said...

Oh, how I can't wait for my little package to be delivered... Heck, you could have saved the postage and just dropped it at my house on your way home! LOL
THAT is the cutest little house!!! Looks like fun for vendor night!!