Monday, September 22, 2008

Count Down Week!!

Counting down the days for Paper Cowgirl!! This Friday is going to come fast!!!

I'm going to be brief on posts this week, due to getting ready with this and my other things..

We went to visit friends at Cleburne, Texas and got to roam around Antique Alley..The grands went with us, and did great! My friend Jeannie and I found lots of goodies and went out again on Sunday with out the guys and grands, and found some more goodies!! It was a great time with friends, we got to catch up with each other...

I have to tell you this, found a pair of gloves at one sale.. you know those white ones everyone used to wear in the 60's...they were very stained up and in sad shape, but the price was right, so I thought I can do something with them...brought them home and soaked them in Simple Green. Rinsed them out today, and most of the staining was gone!!! I'm so impressed with Simple Green, it cleans out my good paint brushes with ease and now this!!

I'm off to gather up MY class supplies!! Wait till you see what I have for Vendor Night!!

Have a great Monday!


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Unknown said...

WOW! That does look super fun! can't wait to see the pics from this event! Just popped in to say hello!