Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wednesday's finds

While some folks slaved away today, I went to the thrift store..and boy did I find some goodies!!

Look at this cool little souvenir tray:

I'm going to display charms at it during Vendor Night at Paper Cowgirl!

I have no brown dominoes and had to get these even though there were only a dozen of them...

Then, these bring back memories....

My Granny Pack dipped snuff, and my grandpa Joe(my dad's parents) had a ruler like this, that I would get in trouble every time I played with it...He died when I was in K, she died when I was in 4th grade, they were married like in 1901 or something like that..for my mom has photos of their 65th Wedding Aniv, before I was born in 1965!!!

These were all in one little bag for a buck!

And last but not least, my favorite find of the day:

this camera bag caught my eye as I walked in the door, the customs stickers all over it and the great patina on the leather and brass latches...who can resist?? I think it would make a great purse! but not for me...I will just admire it for awhile in the studio..

We are going to an Aggie Graduation this week. 2 of our 'younger' friends are graduating and they asked us to join their families! thought that was really nice to be if you don't hear from me, we are off in Aggieland...

have a great day!



just jody said...

awesome finds! looking forward to seeing how you use them. tape measures and folding rulers are always a score.

Sherry said...

Man, You did find some great things!! Lucky you!

Sherry :-)

Shannon (Faith and Chocolate) said...

Awesome FINDS, girl! Was just talking with friends about good places to shop! Might have to make a road trip to Wichita Falls... ;)
Looking forward to the retreat!

mendytexas said...

You could make a great necklace with the brown dominoes! I love your goodies!! :)mendy

Unknown said...

OMG! Those are great finds! Love them all!