Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Still no photos

We used hub's little camera, and I have not been able to down load photos....BECAUSE...hub's not brought home the cable from his office...dork...so, no photos today...

I've been painting walls in a bedroom today..faux them tomorrow, then do some cabinets at the end of the week.....it's rained off and on since Sunday night..it's been nice to see the rain..but now some places are flooding..not us out here , thank goodness..just a muddy mess..

My Uncle passed away on Friday. That's the only thing I hate when I go on a trip..phone calls like that.., it was a Call me ASAP message from my sister, YOU know something wrong when you geth those...at first I thought it may be my dog..she had my dog...but Uncle Jimmy's health has been going down hill this last couple of years..so it was not a surprise. Just sad, his daughter said he was tired and it was time, when I spoke to her.

My Uncle Jimmy was my dad's only brother. My dad passed over 24 years ago. Uncle Jimmy was 87, I used to spend a week each summer with he and Aunt Ethel out on their 'farm' outside of Weatherford TX. He was a school teacher..

Sometimes, it was just me out there with them, sometimes my second cousins would be there too..when that was the case there were anywhere from 4 of us to 6 of us there at a time..Lots of good memories..I'll be seeing those cousins on Saturday at the Memorial service. I keep in touch with one, but the rest I just see on occasion.

I'll miss you Uncle Jimmy. I know you're catching up with Daddy, up there in heaven...

Maybe photos by Thursday...

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Unknown said...

I am so sorry! I hope you and your family can find some peace.
Take care!