Monday, August 4, 2008

Nothing to say until:

So, today was pretty uneventful...I couldn't get going this morning...but I did get out and ride the Harley into town to do some errands, and that was fun. Hot but's been OVER 100 here for the last week and a half! It may be in the high 90's by the weekend..woohooo coldfront..whatever...

But then we came home this afternoon to this:
fire on 77 Ranch Rd 8-4-08
Not Good..we almost had an accident on the highway because of some rubber neckers in a little white if your reading this,little white car: "your stoopid to just stop when traffic is behind you!"...then finally made it up to the Shop Shack...Ran in go the camera, hub got out the Razor and we were off to see what was going on.
Remember this barn? I wrote about it a few months ago:
fire on 77 Ranch Rd 8-4-08
This whole pasture was on fire, a farmer lost some hay and some other out building burned but we have not heard what else..they think it's arson.
fire on 77 Ranch Rd 8-4-08
This was really cool to watch..they were just so smooth and precise with it..but I did notice the Sheriff's car had been doused too..
fire on 77 Ranch Rd 8-4-08
Hub has to call his friend to see what all happened, it was her land, she owns 77 Ranch and this was part of it...
I would like the thank all the Volunteer Fire Departments that came out, several of the areas trucks were here to help.
I took a ton of photos, too bad blogger is being cranky tonight..
see you tomorrow..t


Unknown said...

Great pics! that one with the helo WOW! Love it!

Didn't mean love that there was a fire but seeing it in action is incrediable

Cristine's Story said...

Wow, I hope that old barn didn't burn. I love old barns. And I hate stoopid drivers. We have lots of them here in AZ.