Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Michelle Ward moment

We are about to embark on a MC trip for a long down at the local WM I picked up a couple more white long sleeve T's for Hub and I...Even though it's Hellish weather, we still have to wear long sleeves some days to protect our skin from the sun and the drying wind while on the would not believe the way moisture is sucked out of your body while rolling down the highways at 70! So, every little bit of protection helps.

I couldn't leave my T just plain ol vanilla I had an *ah ha* moment and thought of spay paint and stencils...Michelle Ward is the queen of spraying things! So I took the cue from her and went to make some magic on my T:

After doing a couple of light coats of flat black on it..what did you expect? pink? Comeonpeople..this is for a Harley trip, I have to keep up my biker image..hehehee

I let the paint dry for about 15 minutes, then popped it in the washer with some other stuff and look how awesomely(is that a word?? ) faded it came out!! I love it!! Looks old and well worn!

Then after some in town business yesterday, I got to play in the studio while the paint dried on some samples and look what I turned out:

These durn things are so much fun! I hope I can find something to do with them...

Ya'll know the RAK I showed you yesterday? Well, I'm passing it on and my RAK to someone is going out in the mail today!!

We are hitting the highway for the next few days, so no 'puter till we get back home..Ya'll be good and if you can't be good at least have fun! Hub and I are!

later gator,



Carmen said...

Wow, that looks incredible!!! Makes me want to run out and get a new tshirt to paint! lol

Sherry said...

I love your little houses! They are so cute and they just inspired me for a project. (It won't be anything like yours, I don't copy!) Thanks Tina!


Cristine's Story said...

Could you be anymore AWSOMELY cool! You're gonna stop traffic rolling down the highway with that t-shirt on!

Unknown said...

Oh just love it!

Anonymous said...

Love your t-shirt Tina! Spray away.

Cindy said...

I thought I had commented on this, but I guess not...LOVE this...bring some to PC... I wear an XL! : D