Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Birth of a Mural

Here is what I worked on Saturday:

This area is round, I then added these on the smaller walls:

All in all, I think it was about 6/8 hours of work..I did some then would stop to get away from it, then worked on it Sunday, and messed with it abit more yesterday. Liked what I had and signed my name to it..
Here is the ceiling:

That, I finished up yesterday with a final coat sprayed on with the HVLP sprayer. I love this ceiling...gives it a whimsical, open feel in this back hall area off the kitchen.
Almost finished up here and will begin the adventure home...see the hub and Scooby and then the rest of the family for the 4th holiday..I'm ready..
I'm bummed out though, looked down last night and the diamond had fell out of my wedding ring sometime yesterday after lunch. I remember washing my hands and picking paint out of it then..I've wore it everyday almost for the last 25 years...we bought it from hub's aunt, when we'd been married a year, she let us pay it out..it was about a quarter of a carat solitaire with just a nice medium wide band...dang...


Paula Clare said...

Hi Tina,
The Tuscan mural is beautiful...it absolutely transports you to the tuscan countryside!

Bummer about your ring, tho. I know how upsetting that is...same thing happened to me and mine...only mine was a heart shaped diamond. Not gonna replace that one very easily. RATS! Maybe an eternity band would help "ease the pain" of the loss??? (I keep telling my husband it's the only SALVE that will soothe me! LOL!)

Paula Clare

lms said...

tina girl...love it....is there any end to your wonderful talents....you always amaze me....i am so lucky to have you as a friend...lin

Anonymous said...

tina, I just popped you an email, I was trying to locate your blog. Found ya, thanks, sherry

Citygirl.em said...

Tina, you are amazing! Your mural is absolutely breathtaking! Gorgeous. I'm sorry for your diamond loss....the same thing happened to me about 12 years ago...I lost my diamond at a friends house. One day, a year later, she was painting her dining room and moved her large buffet and there it was-snuggled up with a dust bunny! I couldn't believe it.

Looks like you'll have to get another to replace it. This time from Tiffany, huh?

Sherry said...

I love your mural! You are just so talented. Have fun on the rest of your working vacation!

Sharon Tomlinson said...

I'm trying to catch up on some reading. The mural is wonderful and the ceiling perfect for that round area. So cool. I like all that you have done in this home in such a short time and had time to do a little shopping too. Same thing happened to my ring not so long ago.
Enough now,

Cristine's Story said...

The mural is beautiful! Did we mention that we need a mural painted on our long, narrow, back entrance? Hehe.
So sorry about the diamond. Thankfully it wasn't the whole ring. Take care!

Cindy said...

You are so blasted talented! Gah. It's just amazing what you have done, truly beautiiful. Sorry about the ring, that is a bummer for sure. Hopefully can replace?
Have a great 4th!

Sherri said...

That is a fabulous mural -- amazing work. Can't wait to see it all when the whole thing is done. They must be ecstatic with your work.

Sherri said...

oops, meant to say glad to see it all completed....