Thursday, June 12, 2008

No Skinnys today

Nor Cowgirls..but I will show you FAUX..

Here is the before:

As you can see it was time for an update. The homeowners were tired of the wall paper and color and ready for something new. So we scrapped the ceiling, retextured that and took down the wall paper and textured the walls in a skip trowel, then using a nice blue-green as a base color. I then rag finished the walls with champange metallic and a milk chocolate glazes...
They are very happy with the color and the new feel of the masterbath now. We are working on the guest bath this week, and the color is will be strong in there but in a warmer tone..stay tuned.. for that one..

Hope you got your Cowgirl swaps mailed out. The deadline was the 10th...I'm still waiting by the mailbox for 2 of mine, and waiting to receive word that mine made it too. This has been a fun swap and thanks to all those that participated in it, hope you had fun too..

Big Congrats to my friends Nikki and her husband Joe, for they welcomed a baby girl to their world today! Now the fun begins my friends, now the fun begins!
Nikki and Andreea were the ones who convinced me to send in all 5 of the glass house fairies to Somerset! I had wanted them to help me pick out a couple of them, but they told me ALL five needed to go..they were soo right..thanks!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for having the cowgirl swap! I mailed mine Tuesday and will post when my partner receives it. This was too much fun!

Anonymous said...

What pretty wall color!! You guys did a good job!