Friday, June 27, 2008


Here is another shot of the Living area without the ladder this time and furniture back in place:

Yesterday finished up the kitchen area with both the under glaze as in the rest of the house. Then added an over glaze of umber. I love the richness and depth it has given her walls.

The home owner is happy with it I'm adding sage green and a rusty deep brown red to the living area 2 off the kitchen...

Yesterday, I had a shock. I was looking around Etsy after, I finished for the day. Found my work on someone's banner! What's sad is I have met this person and knew her from a gathering/forum board, she purchased the charm from me and due to other circumstances, she no longer associates with, I really don't know what gave her permission to use my photo in her banner. I personally own this photo and have not distributed it in any manner to be copied. I use it only in my artwork and on my microscope charms. I have now contacted the Etsy shop owner, asked her to remove my art work. So, we'll see what happens..anyone else have anything like this happen, and what where you able to do about it?? Ya'll know I just went thru this whole "Paper Mojo" name thing..and I removed the blog from public use as asked, and changed all my ids that had it on we'll see what happens..

Thanks ya'll for reading my posts and your comments!!! I've been able to meet some great folks thru this blogging community we have..

Have a great Friday and an awesome weekend!!!


Cindy said...'s gorgeous! You did such a fab job, it looks wonderful. Sorry to hear about the banner woes. You've had the worse luck with stuff like that lately.

looks great!


Anonymous said...

You can do my house when I move to America!! I can't say anything about the language might offend! Some people call themselves 'artists' and then have to steal artwork..what tha???? xxxRobby

Sherry said...

You did a beautiful job on the walls!! I wish I lived in that house! It's unbelieveable the way some people will steal from others. Her banner should represent her work. Hope the rest of your trip goes well!!

mystele said...

wow! that paint job looks great! thank you lots for stopping by my blog with kind words! take care!